Karachi Golf Club Hole Views


1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18)
a. Beyond all walls, fences, white stakes and/or white lines defining boundary of the course.
b. Internal Out of Bounds – boundary is defined by white stakes and/or white lines.
i. Red Course Hole # 9 – behind the green.
ii. Blue Course Hole # 2 – left side of the hole.
iii. Blue Course Hole # 9 – Club House area left side and behind the green.
iv. Yellow Course Hole # 14 – left side of the hole.
v. Yellow Course Hole # 18 – Club House garden area behind the green.

2. Immovable Obstructions (Rule 16)
a. Fixed Irrigation Units, Drink Kiosks, Litter Receptacles.
b. Pump House – right side of Red Course Hole # 3.
c. Safety Nets on Blue Course Hole #s 5 & 9 and Red Course Hole # 2.

3. Abnormal Course Conditions
a. All areas marked ‘GUR’ by white lines and/or by stakes. Play is prohibited from ‘GUR’.
b. Any area dug up for repairs or improvements.
c. Any debris collected for removal.
d. Water channels formed by permanent irrigation units.
e. Service vehicles deep tyre tracks.
f. Cactus on Red Course Hole #s 4 and 9.

4. Drop Zones – Local Rule 8E-1.1
a) Red Course Hole # 6 left side.
b) Yellow Course Hole # 13 right side of green.
c) Yellow Course Hole # 14 right side.
d) Yellow Course Hole # 15 behind the green.
e) Yellow Course Hole # 16 for Penalty Area behind the green marked by red stakes only.
f) Yellow Course Hole # 17 front, right side, and behind the green.
If a player’s ball goes into the Penalty Area, he/she may play his/her next shot under penalty of 1 stroke from the ‘Drop Zone’.

5. Protection of Trees Identified by ‘Black Band’ & Tree Pits for Watering
If such a tree or tree pit interferes with a player’s stance or the area of his/her intended swing, the ball must be lifted without penalty and dropped as per Rule 16.1-f.

6. Ball Out of Bounds or Ball Lost – Local Club Rule 8E-5 (to speed up play)
Alternate to Stroke and Distance penalty, for a Ball Out of Bounds or Lost, a player may play his/her next shot, under penalty of 2 strokes, from the edge of the fairway not nearer to the hole to where the original ball is estimated to have crossed out of bounds or be lost, except for Yellow Course Hole # 14 tee shot. This Local Club Rule is for general play where golfers are playing casual rounds or playing their own competitions.

7. Provisional Ball for Ball in a Penalty Area – Local Club Rule B-3 (to speed up play)
Red Course Hole # 6, Yellow Course Hole # 14, 16, & 17
Rule 18.3a is modified to give a player the option to play a provisional ball if he/she does not know for certain that his/her ball is lost in the Penalty Area. If the ball is found in the Penalty Area within 3 Minutes Search Time the player may choose to play the original ball or continue play with the provisional ball. If the original ball is found within 3 Minutes Search Time outside the Penalty Area, he/she must abandon the provisional ball and continue play with the original ball. This Local Club Rule is for general play where golfers are playing casual rounds or playing their own competitions.