1. Permanent Member collecting form is to be the proposer of the candidate.

2. Application duly completed is to be sent to Chief Operating Officer Karachi Golf Club. Candidate may use course facilities on payment of Green fee till completion of membership formalities.

3. Following will be required alongwith application for membership:

a. 3 X Photograph (4 x 4 cm).
b. 1 Copy of CNIC. In case of foreign national copy of passport.
c. Cheque in favour of Karachi Golf Club for Entry Fee. Details as under.

(1) Regular individual Membership : Rupees 3 Million.
(2) Corporate Membership : Rupees 3.5 Million.
(3) Forces Temporary (Refundable) : Rupees 25,000/-
(4) Forces (Retd) : Security Deposit Entrance Fee Rupees 50,000

4. For regular individual Proposer / Seconder will be permanent member of Karachi Golf Club.

5. Scrutiny / Balloting will be subject to vacancy. Till than application will be in the waiting list.

6. Permission to use the club facilities without green fee will be issued after clearance in Scrutiny. Applicant may be required to appear before the Scrutiny Sub-Committee.

7. Applicant will be invited for introduction to Balloting Committee members in balloting meeting when scheduled. It is mandatory for the candidate to be in Lounge Suit for the balloting meeting.

8. Membership will be granted and number allotted after balloting subject to minimum of twelve “YES” votes for membership, under KGC rule 2 (j).

9. Decision of the club management is final.